OMA battles waste management

The Environmental and Health desk of carried out a report some few days where they highlighted on the current sanitation status of the Obuasi Municipality which brought to light the poor sanitation situation in the Municipality.

The Environmental and Health team today delves into how much of the Assembly’s money goes into waste management and why the Obuasi Municipality is still sinking in filth after authorities allocate such huge amount of tax payers’ money into managing waste. as part of its mandate to help inform citizens what is going around them have combed several documents to bring to loyal readers what authorities are doing about the municipality’s waste management and why it is still not yielding results.

Read below some of the sources the OMA get funds to fight poor waste management.

Internal Generated Fund

Among the items that were increased in the 2016 composite budget, Clean up campaigns, sanitation and disposal site came second. Sanitation in the 2015 composite budget was GHC40, 000.00 and was increased to GHC65, 000.00 in the new 2016 composite budget respectively.

In page 26 of the Draft Composite Budget 2016, table 10: projects and programmes corresponding costs. It is stated clearly that, GHC90, 000.00 will be taken from the Internal Generated Fund (IGF) and GHC100, 000.00 taken from the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) all in a bid to improve the sanitation status of the people of Obuasi and its environs respectively.

Mineral Royalties

One major source of income for the Obuasi Municipal Assembly is the Mineral Royalties which is paid by mining companies in the Obuasi Municipality. delves deep and go way back to 2007 to see how much the Municipality received as Royalty and the percentage that is allocated to waste management alone.


Royalties received –GHC269, 852.00

Waste management-GHC20, 000.00


Royalties’ received- GHC248, 800. 00

Waste management-


Royalties’ received- GHC254, 169.00

Waste management- GHC77, 017.43


Royalties’ received- GHC563, 915.88

Waste management- GHC123, 948.84


Royalties’ received- GHC306, 449.33

Waste management- GHC129, 741.46


Royalties’ received-GHC570, 787.21

Waste management-GHC104, 026.00

2010 Population and Housing Census Analytical Report

The report gives detailed sequence as to how people in the Obuasi Municipality dispose of their waste, both solid and liquid.

Urban Area

About 4 in 5 (76.8%) of households use public dump, 13.7% is collected,6.8% is burned by Households, 1.7% dumped indiscriminately,0.7% buried and 0.2% uses other methods of disposals.

Rural Area

86.8% use public dump, 6.6% is buried by Households, 2.4% is dumped indiscriminately,1.4% is collected and 0.4% uses other methods of disposal.

Clean Up Campaigns

The Obuasi Municipal Assembly organizes clean up exercises every first Saturday of the month which is also captured in their Composite Draft Budget. Apart from that, other corporate bodies and Fan clubs organize clean up exercise to keep the city clean but once cleanest city still cannot shine.

The Obuasi Municipal Assembly will never win the war on Poor sanitation if residents are not sensitized to be self- disciplined. The Obuasi Municipal Assembly (OMA) in their broad objectives has this on sanitation;

“Accelerate provision of improved environment sanitation facilities”.

But they are still far away from achieving this Objective if concrete measures are not taken to control poor sanitation and waste management problems.

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