Obuasi MP Hits NPP Chiefs

According to him, any attempt to permit the current executives of the NPP to conduct research for analysis would be futile.

He alleged that sycophantic individuals within the party would manipulate the outcome to suit their whims and caprices.

‘We need an independent researcher as a party to investigate what caused out defeat. We cannot trust the current leadership who pretend to be working for Nana Addo and the party. Those people around Nana, as a result of their vindictiveness and shear weaknes, caused our defeat,’ he told Hello Fm.

‘A new campaign aggression and ‘mafia tactics by some officers which do not translate into winning general elections have become a problem for us all,’ he claimed.

Edward Ennin told Hello Fm yesterday that the NPP must soberly reflect and strategize to recapture power in 2016 and not clamour for Nana Akufo-Addo to go unopposed.

The boisterous MP stated that ‘our party people should look beyond popularity within the NPP because somebody might not be popular in the NPP but he might have support from Ghanaians and this is the main objective as political party,’ he argued.

Ennin said he was ready to invest time and other resources to crisscross the country in order to canvass support for any member of the party that has the ability to become president.

The MP, who intends to organize a press conference in future to spill the beans, asserted that some of the leaders would always avoid the truth.

From Ernest Kofi Adu, Kumasi

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Obuasi MP Hits NPP Chiefs

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