Obinim Blasts Rawlings

Former President Rawlings appears to have incurred the wrath of the founder of the International God’s Way Ministry, Bishop Daniel Obinim, over his (Rawlings’) recent comments in which he accused the ’man of God’ and his colleague Prophet Nicholas Osei (popularly called Kumchacha) of using the name of God to exploit their followers.

Three weeks after Mr Rawlings had made the comments, it has now dawned on Obinim to break his longheld silence, descending heavily on the former President in a video in which he described the National Democratic Congress (NDC) founder’s comments as ‘very foolish.’

The video seems to have originally been targeted at the controversial actress and television presenter Valencia Nana Agyeiwaa (popularly called Afia Schwarzenegger) but the former President had his fair share of the dose when he was roped in at the tail end of the recording now circulating in the social media.

In what looks like a video shot during or after one of his sermons with his entire congregation standing behind him, Obinim said, ‘People sit down and do all sorts of foolish things; there is a former President called JJ; you are also there saying all the foolish things you like just because I’ve kept quiet; you don’t respect yourself and you expect others to respect you.’

According to him, he was quiet over the issue not because he was afraid of the former President, but for the fact that his own people had called him (Obinim) and advised him to leave him (Rawlings) to his fate.

‘You don’t respect yourself; your own big men and people begged me to keep quiet because you have sat on the seat of the president before,’ he posited while indicating that he had not only seen but had a copy of the video in which Mr Rawlings made those disparaging remarks about him on his phone.

Considering Rawlings as an elder statesman and former President who had occupied the highest office of the land before, the ‘man of God’ said, ’We expect that you will use your knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired to educate the young ones coming and not to be saying negative things about others.

That, he said, was because ‘I respect you because you are a President; all the pastors here respect you but respect yourself as a President.’

Obinim has therefore warned Jerry to stay out of his way, saying ’…let this be your last; don’t ever use my name as a reference material when giving a speech. If you were old enough, you would have used your wisdom to benefit the young ones coming up. Let this be your last.”

Afia’s Bit
Obinim did not equally spare Afia Schwarzeneggar in the footage, dressing her with insults like any worldly person on the streets.

Afia’s crime, as has emerged, was showing a video of Obinim prophesying to his church members on her satirical show on UTV.

Bishop Obinim likened the height of the sharp-tongued lady to a monkey and warned her to stop questioning his integrity on air, promising to appear in her dreams to torment her if she did not stop poking her nose into his affairs.

“I will be visiting you in your dream (what I will do to you); I have poured oil on the ground…If you don’t want trouble, then shut your mouth on Obinim,” he threatened.

The embattled pastor continued, “If you know any fetish priest or Malam in Ghana, ask them about Obinim. He will tell you that I visit people in the spirit. I will come to you in a dream. Beware! What I will do to you in your dream. Just wait for me; I’m coming. If you don’t want me to come, then shut up on me! …I will show you that the place that you will go is not Obinim’s size. I talk in the name of Jesus. You will know my kind.”

A no-nonsense Afia Schwarzeneggar has equally released a damning self-made video in which she described Obinim with unprintable words.

She told DAILY GUIDE that the ’man of God’ had been bothering her with sexual overtures which she had always turned down and that at a point he asked her to let him know

the kind of panties (underwears) she was wearing.
The controversial lady has since dared Obinim to bring it on because she was ready to face him squarely

and that she was not in any way scared about his threats to hunt her in her dreams.

‘His cup is full; I’m the wrong bitch to mess up with,’ she noted.

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