NPP’s Calls For Afari-Gyan’s Resignation “Risible” Says Asiedu Nketia

The ruling National Democratic Congress has called on Ex-President J.A Kufour to call his party members to order and ensure that they refrain from peddling lies about the current administration of the Chairman for the Electoral Commission.

The NDC vehemently condemned the calls by the rank and file of the opposition New Patriotic Party for Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan together with the Deputy Chairman of the Commission to resign from their post.

The opposition party believes the EC, under the leadership of Dr. Afari Gyan, has lost its credibility and the trust of the masses and so, is of a strong view that it is only when the EC Chairman is shown the exit that the Commission can regain its reputation.

But the governing party has issued a statement, declaring its support for the EC.

In the statement signed by the party’s General Secretary, Johnson Aseidu Nketia, the NDC described as “risible” the calls by the NPP functionaries and stated categorically that the court verdict has vindicated the Electoral Commissioner from the ‘falsehood’ leveled by the opposition party members
against his office.

According to the party, the NPP is only embittered by the fact that their ‘frivolous’ petition was dismissed by the Supreme Court Justices.

“We are constrained to intervene in the ongoing discussion within certain quarters about the future of the Chairman of the Electoral Commission and the electoral reforms after the verdict of the Supreme Court in the election petition case. We know that following the verdict, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its many surrogates have continued with their campaign of lies and vilification against the Electoral Commission and its Chairman, Dr. Afari Gyan.

“We first wish to condemn the calls by the NPP and its affiliate groups for the resignation or the dismissal of the Chairman of the Electoral Commission…We urge the Electoral Commission and indeed the general public to disregard these calls.” the statement as read by the host of the Radio Gold’s newspaper review.

Dr. Afari Gyan, the NDC said, is an “honourable Statesman whose excellent academic and professional credentials are beyond reproach.”

The party therefore warned the NPP to stop hurling invectives on his persona.

“His over two decades of dedicated service to mother Ghana, as Chairman of the Electoral Commission, calls for gratitude and laudation and not the crude appalling insults being hurled at him by the NPP and its agents.”


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NPP’s Calls For Afari-Gyan’s Resignation “Risible” Says Asiedu Nketia

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