NPP Youth Fights Head Teacher …Over Renovation Of Classrooms

THE YOUTH Of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ahafo Ano South West of the Ashanti Region are in a battle with Madam  Apraku, the Head teacher of Mpasaaso No. 2 D/A Junior High School for giving credit which is due the NPP Member of Parliament, Johnson Kwaku Adu to President John Dramani Mahama and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the  renovation of 3-unit classroom in the school.

Mr. Charles Nicholas, the constituency youth organizer, at a press conference, explained that, Madam  Apraku, the head teacher of the said school had appealed  for  support  from the government for the renovation of the  3-unit classrooms but yielded no result.

He said when the NPP Member of Parliament got to know about the challenges the school was facing, he stepped in and gave the project to a contractor for renovation.

According to him, upon the completion of the refurbishment, the head teacher was in the news praising and commending the President and his government for the good work done for the school.

But the NPP organizer says it is never the case that the government had supported the school in any way since it was the NPP MP for the area who funded the contract from his own coffers.

As a result of the controversy of the project, the NPP youth in the constituency has given Madam Apraku a three-day ultimatum to render an unqualified apology to the MP and at the same time retract the statement made in the media which sought to give credit to the government or face their wrath for deliberately misinforming the public.

The Youth Organizer said he suspected that the head teacher was influenced by certain people in the area for political gains which the youth say they would not tolerate

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