NPP Suspicious Of EC’s Call For Electoral Reform

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is suspicious of calls by the Electoral Commission for electoral reforms.

The EC, in a letter dated September 5, 2013, requested political parties to submit proposals for electoral reforms before the end of November this year.

The call comes after a Presidential Election Petition filed by the NPP exposed some loopholes in Ghana’s electoral system.

The full letter is reproduced below:

9th September 2013


Dear Sir,

We have noted the call to political parties by the Electoral Commission (E.C.) for recommendations to reform and improve our electoral process.

We are responding to what was carried by the media, specifically the Daily Graphic, as we are yet to receive any other request.

Based on the above we want the call to be widened. Our democracy belongs to all of us, not only the political parties.

While these parties may be the most directly affected by the process and therefore can be assumed to know more about the weaknesses in our current system, we cannot presume to be sole sources of ideas on how to create a system that will allow every qualified voter the opportunity to vote, vote once only and have that vote correctly declared and properly used in amalgamating the total votes necessary to elect a public officer; A system that will produce election results accepted by every participant.

The Nation is tired of the current practice of dealing with our dissatisfactions and concerns by Public relations exercises rather than by substance: The practice of referring the matter to some faceless committee or body then being buried until forgotten.

We are suspicious that the call by the Electoral Commission will result in we and others submitting recommendations that would then be buried in the bosom of the E.C. either to never emerge or to emerge in some emascalculated form, the product of the wisdom and constitutional absolute powers allowed to the E.C. We would be more reassured that something worthwhile would emerge from this exercise if the E.C. were to consult and announce a receiving body that would work with the E.C. to produce a final draft of suggestions.

This body could be based on the legal and technical sub-committee set up out of the IPAC meetings on the biometric registration and verification. The E.C. should also inform the world about the further actions it will take post the receipts of the suggestions.

We will in due course respond fully to the E.C’s invitation but we also urge all citizens to make their voices heard on this critical issue. This cannot be left as a matter for petty government versus opposition squabbling.



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NPP Suspicious Of EC’s Call For Electoral Reform

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