NPP Flag Bearer For 2016: NPP Italy Endorses Nana Addo

After the disappointing verdict from the Supreme Court, the NPP is left on a cross road. Although the 2012 flag bearer wasted no time to accept the verdict, however saddened and disappointed he was in it, the party hierarchy has announced a scrutiny of the entire verdict.

The outcome of the work of the committee set up by the party for this course may trigger the need for a review. As this is running, the party has scheduled a date to choose a flag bearer to lead the party to battle in 2016 just in case the review is not carried out or fails to turn things around to the favour of the party.

After pondering on the issues, we have decided to voice our own views and convictions to perhaps help the party in this all important decision of choosing a flag bearer.

Nana Addo lost the 2008 election by the slimmest of margins to the then candidate John Evans Attah Mills in an election he clearly led in the first round. We all know the circumstances under which power slipped through our fingers in that year, and the least said about it the better. There is one thing however; we will like us to take note of. The late President Mills (may his soul rest in peace) had been fielded for the third time running. And this attracted sympathy for him as the NDC candidate at the time. We can say without fear that if the NDC had made the mistake of presenting a new face against Nana Addo, they would have fallen in the very first round.

President Mills consistency on the ballot paper earned him not only sympathy but easy recognition. Nana Addo was already a popular among Ghanaians, but standing against somebody who had been in the race for three consecutive times was not an easy challenge.

Nana Addo against Mahama was purely an opposition party against a sitting president. For as far as we can remember, no sitting president has lost an election in Ghana before. And 2016 is going to be a race of this nature, a sitting president against opposition, so the candidate who will field must be formidable and outstanding in all aspects.

Choosing Nana Addo will surely be the best path to walk, because he has been sold wide and far. He has passed through all of it and, for these past seven years or so, the opposition has exhausted their ammunition against him. There is nothing new or fresh they can tell Ghanaians about Nana Addo that Ghanaians have not discovered. All the lies and the smearing have lost their effects on him because none of the propaganda has been found to be true.

Fielding a new candidate will be the tallest task any party will like to embrace. The party is faced with a huge financial difficulty and choosing Nana Addo will help cut down the cost of preparations for the 2016 election.

Choosing another candidate has the capacity to only keep us in opposition till 2020. Because no candidate has ever won on a first attempt in Ghanaian elections and the complicities of the coming election especially running against a sitting president will not in anyway favour a new face.

Choosing Nana is obviously the only way to create a clear chance of coming back to power, if 2016 is our target.

God bless our Party!
God bless Nana Addo!
God bless our homeland Ghana!
And God bless all!!!!

Annor George
Leader & Founder of the Branch


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NPP Flag Bearer For 2016: NPP Italy Endorses Nana Addo

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