Not All Herdsmen Are Fulanis

Leaders of Fulani Communities in Ghana have accused a section of the media of being biased against Fulanis to the extent that they associate every untoward act of herdsmen or cattle rearers to Fulanis.

Prof. Osmanu Bari, National President of Fulanis in Ghana has said the distortion of the identity of Fulanis by the Ghanaian media of atrocious crimes is alarming and therefore must be stopped.

He stated that they intend to petition President Mahama and the UN Secretary General Ban Kin Moon over what they describe as injustices being meted out to them in the country.

The Fulanis have been blamed for a number of attacks and destruction to property in parts of the country with farmers in the Ashanti region particularly Agogo most affected.

He noted that the Ghanaian media, which is the tool for public education and information has over the past few years painted a bad picture about the Fulanis in this country.

According to him, the situation has created a negative impression about the Fulanis in Ghana.

Prof. Bari, added that the media have wrongly misrepresented the Fulanis by describing them as robbers, rapists, murderers and assassins.

He cited that some media publications and radio commentaries have created a public perception that all Fulanis are herdsmen and they mostly live in the bush to perpetrate crime.

“Not every Fulani man is a herdsman. We have other tribes who are herdsmen. We have Fulanis who are Ghanaian indigenes by birth. We have Fulanis working in all the government and private sectors as doctors, military officers, bankers, teachers, journalists and many other disciplines. They are all working for the good of mother Ghana so therefore why tarnish our image,” he intimated.

He said, they are worried at the spate which the media is tarnishing the image of Fulanis in this country.

According to him, the Fulanis have lost 250 lives over the past two years, over 500 cattle have been shot to death with some taken away in an open day robbery by some assailants in the communities.

He appealed to the Ghanaian media to delink the crime from the tribe and allow the law to deal directly with individuals who are found culpable of a crime.

Yakubu Musah Barry, General Secretary, Tabilal Pullaku International express worry that the situation is affecting the hard won reputations of Fulanis who have distinguished themselves both locally and international.

He pointed out that the media reportage on Fulanis has created public hatred towards Fulanis and especially to their children at school who are usually ridiculed in all manner of names.

Mr. Barry mentioned 26 Fulani dominated countries in Africa that has Ghanaian merchants who are living peacefully without any form of bias or hatred.

“Therefore, what is happening in Ghana could spell doom for Ghanaians living in Fulani dominated countries,” he intimated.

He added that the Fulani leaders have taken steps to dialogue with aggrieved parties to ensure the peaceful coexistence among Fulanis and the indigenes in the country.

Mr. Barry has appealed to the media to stop the negative reportage against Fulanis in the country which is demoralizing their peaceful existence in the country.

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