Not Again; Why Stonebwoy Fears Falling In Love With MzVee?

“Music reflects on personal and real life experience. It sometimes predicts future happenings and either impact positively or misleads.” – My Quotes

…To the broken hearted worldwide; who feels it knows it better…

…I gave it all but u dropped on the floor; Not again!! Not again mi nah go in this no more

No No No Go in this no more…
Verse 3 of the song: Sing it to the world and tell dem this

Broken hearted nuh easy fi fix
If a man ever fall a victim
It’s very hard to please
So then if love so nice
Tell me why it hurt so bad
If love love so nice
Tell me why I cry…
‘Not Again’ is a song by BhimNation’s leader, Stonebwoy which tells a story of a cheating lover, broken heart and how difficult is it for a man (Verse 3) to love again after such an experience.

Indeed the content of the song although may not necessarily be a personal experience of the Dancehall artiste; it appears to be reflecting on his love life as he has toughened his heart and feelings towards Dancehall diva, MzVee.

Whatever motive lead to the recording of the song, ‘Not Again’ might have really been a very difficult experience for the Dancehall singer as he appears to be bent on ignoring all advances made by the ‘Borkorborkor’ singers let alone pay attention to public comments, praises and ‘endorsements’ to have a relationship the diva.

The ‘Ghetto Love’ singer, although cannot be forced to fall in love with the ‘Natural Girl’; Stonebwoy rather seems to be ‘physically’ and emotionally entertaining MzVee with the qualities that every woman would want in a man including love, acceptance, respect, to be desired, security, passion, etc.

Every woman wants that in her ideal man vice versa, but then, why entertain her when you know very well that you are still mending your ‘wounded’ heart from past experiences and yet claim, “It’s a showbiz thing, and we creatively connect?”

Even with the ‘lovi lovi’ moves seen in both videos of ‘Natural Girl’ and ‘Come over’; Stonebwoy, you still say it’s a mere ‘Chemistry’ which indicates that you really mean your words in #NotAgain?

It is very true that once bitten, twice shy and nobody will see fire and jump happily into it; but Stonebwoy, isn’t it time to give love the chance again and let go of that past love experience?

Isn’t it baffling that Stonebwoy could ask MzVee to musically ‘Come over’; but ‘physically’ acting based on a just ‘creative chemistry’ between them when the ‘borkorborkor’ singer rather seem to be ready to moon-walk away from every other man to be with him in a very ‘natural’ way?

Seeming unreal to showbiz followers, some have concluded that if indeed there only exist a ‘creative-chemistry’ between them, then, “enough of the ‘tribalism-cum-creative chemistry!”

How it all began
Some time last year in a separate interview; MzVee outlined her kind of man, saying; “There is something about guys with dreadlocks that gets my attention, I love and admire guys who grow their hair neat and I don’t think I will have a problem dating or marrying someone like that?”

With her description for her kind of man which came after the release of their first collaboration song, ‘Natural Girl’ which sent fingers pointing at the BhimNation leader being a prospective man; Stonebwoy in response complimented her, saying; “MzVee is beautiful, intelligent and has the shape I want in an ideal woman.”

In another interview which noted MzVee’s gratefulness for Stonebwoy compliment: “I don’t have a problem with that but if he proposes, I will have to scrutinise him before giving him an answer.” Describing Stonebwoy as a “very calm, cool, respectable, humble and very good boyfriend material.”

Could they possibly be studying each other from afar and busy focusing on their ‘creative- chemistry’?

Aei Beatz Dakay; Ti-ti-tip toee ai #NotAgain Refix #TryAgain, watch out… Bhim!!!

Watch ‘Not Again’ video below:

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