Nookie Set To Revolutionize Retail Advertising

Brand management agency, Sixth Sense Manifesto is launching a new retail medium – Nookie, a 7 inch shelf display, which plays digital adverts 24/7 365. Nookie is a new innovative advertising device offering high visibility for products sold in store as it engages consumers at the point of purchase. Nookie allows brands to be one step ahead of their competitors as they battle for retail space.

With the current economic climate, Nookie is an effective medium in directly targeting consumers allowing them to purchase a product they may have previously been hesitant about. Alternatively, Nookie offers well established FMCG’s the opportunity to reach their audience, one last time before purchase, confirming brand superiority and
dominance of its category.

Sixth Sense Manifesto PR Manager Margaretta Allotey stated ‘We are very excited about Nookie and are happy to be offering brands and retailers a new platform to reach their audience. Throughout the world we see brands and retailers getting smarter about how they are reaching, engaging and impacting consumers and in Ghana were are taking that next step into the digital age and sophisticated advertising.”

Margaretta continued ‘We have recently partnered with Marina Mall as an initial trial store to feature Nookie on the shelves, Marina immediately understood the concept of Nookie and came on board as our first retail store, which is a great achievement for us”.

Sabine Nakouzi, Marketing & Communications Manager at Marina Mall expressed how happy she is with this partnership, stating “after you’ve researched in-store marketing and branding opportunities in the modern trade field, who leads innovations and how these innovations have improved over the last two years, you will know why Marina Mall chose to add digital shelf screens in their stores”.

Sabine, continued to say, “We trust that this will be a great opportunity for brands to advertise, we believe that in-store branding is more beneficial than outdoor branding, as you are getting results directly on the spot”.

Sabine, further went on to say “our partnership with Sixth Sense Manifesto with Nookie will contribute to the raise of standards in business retailing and also in modernizing the advertising mediums. This is so ideal for Marina Mall because we want to achieve good results and provide a good service, Nookie is allowing us to do both”.

Nookie has already generated a great response from both leading and smaller brands as it offers itself as an affordable new medium. Margaretta finished, stating ‘it’s refreshing to see the interest it has generated, it shows that Ghanaians are open to new innovations’.

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