‘Nobody is this world can influence Anas’ -Dominic Nitiwul replies Amidu

Deputy Minority leader has disputed claims by anti-corruption campaigner Martin Amidu that some MPs watched a video detailing parliamentary corruption.

““I don’t know who may have told Martin Amidu that Parliamentary leadership or any MP watched any video of Members of Parliament caught on tape allegedly being corrupt. It is not true”, Dominic Nitiwul was emphatic in an interview on Citi FM Thursday.

Although the video is yet to be made public, former Attorney-General Martin Amidu has been contending in very long letters that it was secretly shown to the leadership of parliament.

Martin Amidu has been maintaining that undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas is shielding some corrupt MPs at the behest of government. He has said Anas is picking and choosing the alleged video evidence exposing corrupt MPs.

Amidu has alleged that the video screened for 20 minutes to top leaders in Parliament, has angered some “incorruptible” MPs who are “nauseated by [Anas’] conduct of compromising his integrity” with government.

Although Anas has denied this, Amidu has insisted that “only a fool will expect a self- confessed covert government agent operator to admit straight forward that the 20 minute film was on Parliamentary corruption”.

Coming to Anas’ defence, Deputy Minority leader Dominic Nitiwul told the Citi Breakfast Show Thursday, he doubts if Anas is prone to influence meant to compromise his investigative work.

“I am not too sure there is anybody in this world who can influence Anas” the Bimbilla MP insisted. He has rejected Amidu’s claim that senior MPs watched video evidence on parliamentary corruption.

Parliament, he said, only watched the video on judicial corruption about two weeks before the public screening at the Accra International Conference Center on September 22, 2015.

“We made our comments [after watching the video] and he captured us on tape. He documented everything for future reference,” Nitiwul explained.

He said Anas chose to give the leadership of parliament a 20-minute clip of his damning evidence so the MPs would “prepare” themselves for the national shock that was to come after the public screening. Some of the judges were filmed allegedly taking bribes in a form of cash and goats.

Anas intentions, he said, was to help clean up the judicial system and not to “rock the boat”.

Dominic Ntiwul believes Martin Amidu is being “misled”.

Shortly after ending his submissions, Martin Amidu also referred to as ‘Citizen Vigilante’ called in to respond to Nitiwul’s dismissive stance.

“I don’t expect him [Nitiwul] to come out and agree with my position’, Amidu repeated his argument.

“I have intelligence from an MP from each party [in parliament]”, Amidu said. He explained that the MPs are bound by the Standing Orders of Parliament to publicly refrain from commenting on viewing the parliamentary scandal.

“Nobody is going to come out and breach those [Orders]”

“That is the only reason why they come to Citizen Vigilante because they know that I will talk about it. They wanted me to be their voice.”

Amidu’s claims are regarded by some as a conspiracy theory because it relies on third party claims and newspaper reports which he has pieced together to cast doubt on Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ work.

But Amidu insisted “those who confided in me are right” he said on Citi FM, “one day, one day, they will speak out publicly!” he wrote in Wednesday’s letter.

Story by Ghana|myjoyonline.com|Edwin Appiah|[email protected]

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