No Nana No Vote! As Students Network For Nana Addo Storms Agona West And East

A Nationwide students and youth movement for Nana Akufo Addo over the weekend launched its chapters in the central region. The movement, which started in the Ashanti Region with the aim of ensuring that Nana Akufo-Addo becomes Ghana’s next president in 2016 by removing the ruling NDC government under the incompetent leadership of President John Dramani Mahama.

Nana Addo has proved to every Ghanaian to be a patriotic citizen, who has the interest of the nation at heart, a peace-loving and visionary leader; and that any well-meaning Ghanaian will throw his or her weight behind Nana Akufo-Addo to unseat this clueless government.

According to the national president of the group and also TESCON-KNUST president, Chris Arthur, Ghanaians are crying for Nana Addo and the NPP.

“We need NANA ADDO as a matter of urgency to come and rescue the nation from the hands of these ‘devils and vipers’, who are sucking Ghana’s blood like beasts. We are giving this urgent call to NANA ADDO to come and continue his fight against poverty and hardship, corruption and insecurity. NANA ADDO and the NPP are the only hope and trust for the people of Ghana. Parents and students are crying for Nana’s FREE SHS policy, free health policy for persons under 18 years, rule of law, etc.

Directors of operations in Agona West and East, Bismark Eyison and Alex Mensah respectively, promised to work hard to attract and register every school going boy or girl, as well as the youths into the group to ensure that NPP votes increases in the constituencies. We will recapture our seats from the NDC and Nana Addo will be our president in 2016.

According to them, among all those who may have wished to lead the party for 2016 elections should rather support the demand of Ghanaians for Nana Addo. In politics, the demand of the people must be the choice of the party. People everywhere are crying “No Nana, No vote”. Therefore, Nana Must Come.

However, the activities of the group over the weekend in Agona Swedru didn’t come off without a challenge as the newly elected chairman of the Agona west constituency tried to stop them since he believed he had not given his authorization for the event to take place in “his constituency”.

The chairman even threatened to sanction NPP members who will associate themselves with the group in “his constituency”. But his threats rather angered the youth of the party in Agona Swedru when they came in their numbers and promised to work hard for Nana Addo.

All efforts made by the national president of the group to meet the said chairman, Mr. Kojo Addo proved futile.

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