Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey Fired Up For Top NPP Post

The aspiring general secretary of the nation’s main opposition NPP, Capt (Rtd) Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey has adviced his Theatre Mirrors group to be dedicated and time concious in their dealings. He made this call at their annual ball party at the groups’ home at the Citizens centre.

As president and founder of the group. He reiterated that “2013 had gone down into history as one of the challenging times” the group have encountered As compared to other years, 2013 met a moribund in patronage to rehearsals and other gatherings.

The sting went a long way to affect new members likewise, rendering them unstable. “Even senior members began playing games” thereby making things very challenging for the group. This made him curve the impression that the group was on its way to dispersion except for God’s intervention. Despite the fact that the year was tough, he was able to achieve some series of performances he outlined, though it didn’t materialise completely.

He mentioned that the essence of the annual ball is to socialise and make new friends hence passing on one’s culture to the other. Also did adviced those present to choose their partners wisely. One mustn’t choose a partner and would later regret. He also stressed the need for effective time management.

From there, he made some rib cracking comments where we all laughed our hearts out. But I never knew he was a preacher too. He did preached the need for salvation where he later prophesied that there would be better days in 2014.

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