Ningo Chief Sacks ECG Staff From Installing Pre-Paid Meters

The Acting President and Mankralo of Ningo Traditional Area,  Nene Kanor Atiapah III has expressed shock at President Mahama’s reluctance to listen to the bitter complaints of Ghanaians and relieve  them from their present economic hardship.

What makes Nene Atiapah III angry is the installation of prepaid meters by personnel of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), which he described as money sucking equipment which would worsen the economic hardship of the people in his Traditional Area.

Nene Atiapah III said he boldly sacked two ECG personnel who were in his house to install a prepaid meter. He said that: “If the government and the ECG do not understand why I boldly disallowed the installation of the prepaid meter in my house, they can come and disconnect my house from the national grid. I’m ready to revert to the use of hurricane lamps”.

Speaking with The Chronicle, the Ningo Mankralo said: “The people in my traditional area are poor farmers and fishermen. They can hardly make ends meet and so if we allow ECG to come and install their corrupt prepaid meters, how would my people get money to buy credit to reload them.

“I want to tell the ECG and government to leave my people alone to enjoy their post-paid meters,” he demanded. The Acting President of the Ningo Traditional Area was not happy with the long queue customers sometimes have to join before getting credit to buy to reload the meters. “Is it not so crazy that other times too, when you go to buy the credit, the vendor tells you that the network is down?

Must a customer sleep in darkness or be deprived of electricity to operate their business because of some ‘useless’ network failure? I maintain that the prepaid meters are as sick as this government. He continued that his call for changing the meters to postpaid ones should encourage Ghanaians to vote for a political party that will form a listening government.

“When that political party also fails to do the proper thing by listening to the painful economic cries of the people, we will rise and vote that government too out. We the citizenry have power vested in our thumbs and we must use it sensibly on November 7 when we go to the polls,” Nene Kanor Atiapah said without mincing words.

Nene Atiapah held that the government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has failed to make Ningo the district capital of the twin town, Ningo-Prampram, for political reasons. He said that several petitions the people of Ningo had written to the government to make Ningo the district capital instead of Prampram, had been useless “and so I have advised my people to remain calm.

“When the New Patriotic Party (NPP) comes into government, we will put forward a fresher petition and with Nana Addo’s wife hailing from Ningo, we believe that the district capital shall come to us.  “If Prampram used Mrs. Naadu Mills to their advantage, Ningo too will use Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo to our advantage, and then, on on we go,” Nene Kanor Atiapah said with enthusiasm.

From Inusa Musah, Ningo

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