Nii Oglie Ii Swears Oath Of Allegiance To Kpone Mantse

Nii Tetteh Oglie II, the newly installed chief for the people of Mlitsakpo, now known as Saki has sworn the oath of allegiance Nii Tetteh Otu II, paramount chief of the Kpone Traditional Area at a short but impressive ceremony.

With his swearing of the oath to the Kpone Mantse, Nii Oglie II now controls power over towns such as Bethlehem, Golf City, Golf Estate, Kpone Barrier, Community 25, Bediako and Saki, near the Michel Camp.

Several chiefs from within the traditional area and beyond including Nii Akpo, chief of Saduase and chairman of the Kpone Divisional chiefs among others turned up to grace the occasion with their presence as well as make the occasion a befitting one.

Traditionally, when a new chief is installed within any of the sub areas within the Kpone traditional areas, that chief will have to swear the oath of allegiance to the paramount chief to officially submit his powers under that of the paramount chief.

Administering the oath of allegiance, Nii Tetteh Otu II urged the newly installed chief to protect the lands under his jurisdiction from encroachers and people who go round selling lands indiscriminately to the unsuspecting general public.

Nii Tetteh Oglie II, known in private life as Elder Emmanuel Tetteh Oglie, a building contractor by profession was unanimously selected by elders of the Appiah We clan, after the demise of his father, Nii Tetteh Oglie I, who passed on into eternity five years ago.

Nii Tetteh Oglie II, who is the presiding elder of the Saki branch of the Divine Apostolic Church since the passing on of his father held the fort as the regent of the town.

It was not immediately possible for the presiding elder to be installed as chief of the town because of some teething problems which had to do with the performance of the traditional rites for the would-be chief.

The kingmakers in Kpone wanted the traditional rites to be performed before he could be made the chief of the town, but the man of God insisted that he would have none of that and that the rites be done in the Christian way.

This brought about a long delay in his installation, until two or three months ago when the paramount chief of the Kpone Traditional Area, Nii Tetteh Otu II called to inform him to get preparation underway for his installation.

The new chief who is married to Mrs. Patience Oglie, with whom they have six children holds a Diploma in Psychosocial Counseling and has been in the service of God for several years.

Nii Tetteh Oglie II said he is going to blend his knowledge and experience in the service of God with that of the traditional know-how to rule his people to ensure that everything moves on successfully for the town.

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