Nigerian entertainers and the Baby Daddy syndrome

Trends are quick to catch on in Nigeria. Once somebody does a thing and it’s successful or enjoys a favourable response, a lot of people tend to follow suit.

It happens in a business environment, religion, even in politics. And the story is not different either in the music industry. Years back, the music business wasn’t as attractive as what it is today.

Then, those who were in the industry were seen as never-do-well people. This negative perception continued until ‘2face’ emerged on the scene.

That was when a lot of people started showing interest in music. The industry started booming, and many abroad based Nigerian musicians started returning home to identify with the new trend. The bandwagon effect.

Today, the industry has become an all comers affair with a lot of young people dropping out of school to pursue a career in music. Those who tried to go to school, have since dumped their certificates and embraced music.

But this is not the only bandwagon effect in the Nigerian music scene. There is the baby daddy culture that is becoming a new way of life among the present day musicians.

In his report, we take a look at Baby Daddy Syndrome (BDS) as it is associated with male performers in Nigeria. The syndrome is a new culture of impregnating a woman without marrying her beforehand.

It was almost impossible not to link 2face to many women. The legendary singer who hit the limelight long before many of his contemporaries started upping the ante, is the first known ‘Baby Daddy’ as far as this generation is concerned. The “African Queen” as man is such an addicted baby daddy that he had to do it six times.

Yes…you can close your mouth now. 2face Idibia actually put three different women in the family way six different times without being or getting married to any of them.

Fortunately, he has finally settled down with one of them now, Anne Idibia (nee Macaulay), but that is not our ‘Area Of Concentration’.

Following behind 2face is Peter of P-Square fame. This brother is a (proud?) father of two children, all delivered by one woman. When Peter Okoye first impregnated his long standing girlfriend, Lola Omotayo, many thought it was a mistake.

But then, after few years, another “mail” arrived and Peter was blessed with another baby boy in January 2013, through his Baby Mama, whom he has finally taken home as a wife as she now bears Lola Omotayo-Okoye. *I’m so happy for her*

And just as if it’s a competition, or status symbol, Peter’s twin brother, Paul, also made sure that when they are calling carriers of BDS, his name wouldn’t be missing. And he was successful, as just a few months after Peter got his second child, he was also blessed with a son, Andre, through his BM, Anita, who he has also done the honourable thing with by marrying her last year.

Now, that’s a good example set by the Okoye music dynasty, but fellas out there, you don’t necessarily have to put two buns in the oven before walking her down the aisle.

Another famous Baby Daddy (BD) is May D. The former Square Records signee didn’t stay too long with the label, but he was there long enough to imbibe the BD culture. He had a baby boy with his girlfriend, Debola, in January 2013.

They separated recently, with Debola accusing the ‘Sound Track’ crooner of battering her ceaselessly in the course of their affair. May D’s camp has denied the allegations, claiming that Debola’s accusations are the rants of a scorned lover.

Another important member of the BDS club is no other person than the Akpako master himself, Terrible Gabriel aka Terry G. Many have often wondered how Terry G would perform as a father (a mischievous fellow even said his baby will be born high).

However, it turns out he is a good dad. The singer has been spotted shopping with his baby (whom he flaunts at every opportunity) and his baby mama. Terry has gushed that he would soon turn his woman to a Mrs., and we’re earnestly awaiting his Invitation Card (IV).

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete if we don’t mention the Kid who has a kid. Yes, it’s none other than the ‘Pakurumo’ singer, Starboy Wizkid.

When he sang, ‘I love my baby’ in 2011, we thought he was talking about his girlfriend, but now we know he was singing to his child. Even though the young millionaire and silky voiced singer had earlier denied the claims that he he’s a father, he later ‘came to his senses’ and has been celebrating God’s gift to him ever since.

Olamide is the undisputed reigning King of the streets, and he seems to be in a hurry to have an heir. But apparently, not in much of a rush to get married and settle down. He welcomed a baby boy with his long-time girlfriend, Oluwabunmi Okeowo, in January 2015.

The Baby Daddy Syndrome is by no way limited to music artistes alone; actors also suffer from it too. The most recent being IK Ogbonna. He is one of the hottest ‘things’ in the industry right now, and he, perhaps, needs someone to share the glory with. That’s why he quickly planted the seed of life in his Colombian girlfriend, Sonia Morales. She birthed a baby on Saturday, June 20th, 2015.

Fondly called Omoba, D’Prince recently welcomed a baby boy with his Cameroonian girlfriend, Inorie Fotso, earlier this month. Even though he is not married, the singer says the arrival of his son has added purpose to his life.

According to him, “There comes a time when a boy has to become a man. The love of my life just gave me a baby boy. To God be the glory. Now, I feel my life has a purpose. To live for my boy #NewDaddy’

Others in the Baby Daddy club include, but are not limited to: Ice Prince, Wande Coal, Joe El and Jesse Jagz.

After all has been said, the kernel of this story is that though celebrities are not Preachers or Imams, they have huge moral responsibilities to the people. Whatever a musician does goes a long way in influencing millions of other individuals, most especially youths.

If our entertainers aren’t ready for wives and families, then they should stop making babies. Apart from pregnancy, how about AIDS and the battalion of other sexually Transmitted Diseases out there?

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