New design shows we could all work lying down

This unique dentist chair-like device could be the office desk of the future.

Its high-tech design allows people to repel talkative co-workers in the “focus” position… or even have a little lie down after lunch.

The comfy body-length seat swivels into the most comfortable positions and your keyboard, monitor and supplementary laptop all follow it – held in place by magnets.

The Altwork Station, made in the leafy glades of Sonoma County, California, costs about £3,800 but is presently going for an only marginally more reasonable £2,550.

The company’s You Tube advert, which was quickly viewed more than 40,000 times, laments the fact that while cars, phones, computers, air travel and many other things have advanced the humble office environment is like something from the 1800s.

It claims its product will make employees more productive and be beneficial for their long-term health.

In a slightly paranoid tone the video says: “We have adapted to our computers, sitting and slouching, for far too long.

“Isn’t it about time they adapted to us.”

It has taken more than five years to perfect this concept which allows users to work in four positions – sitting, standing, collaborating or focusing.

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