Nduom Addresses UCC Students

President of Groupe Nduom (GN,) Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has explained that the growth of the Nduom conglomerate of companies was partly due to the development approach and the desire to succeed in areas of the country that ironically, other companies consider not lucrative enough.

He added that his Christian faith, family values and discipline to work have contributed to the development and growth of Groupe Nduom.

Dr. Nduom, who was the guest speaker at the 23rd VALCO Hall Week celebration of the University of Cape Coast, (UCC) spoke on the theme: “Entrepreneur Actions; Innovations and Appropriateness; The Economic Factor.”

The GN president shared with the students his life experience and how that has had positive impact on his businesses and therefore urged the students to be upstanding during difficult times.

In the opinion of Dr. Nduom, it is such steeled character that can help them to navigate tough times when they get out of school to seek employment in the open market and later also when they become employers.

He disclosed that the GN brand had grown over the period because leadership was committed to overcoming the shocks of the unfriendly Ghanaian business environment.

According to him, that determination to succeed was driven first by his Christian faith, stressing that he believes in sharing with society and his employees, and “as an employer what you make must be shared equitably with your employees to serve as motivation for them to give their best.”

Dr. Nduom therefore charged the students, irrespective of their religious beliefs, to be guided by their faith in the discharge of their duties and the multiplying effects in such a cause will be immeasurable.

He also stated that his absolute commitment to family values constitutes another factor that has contributed to the growth of his businesses, explaining that ‘’once you are responsible to your family, it is that same attitude you show or is reflected in your work or businesses.’’

On discipline, Dr. Nduom noted that discipline learnt as an employee, often translates into discipline as an employer.

He underscored the fact that discipline has been a major contributory factor in the establishment of successful businesses.

‘’A disciplined person in Company A will definitely be a disciplined person in Company B,’’ Dr. Nduom stressed.

He explained some strategic interventions made by Groupe Nduom to avoid a situation where almost all lucrative businesses of the country were taken over by foreigners.

Citing the telecommunication industry that has been taken over by foreigners as an example, he mentioned that very soon, specifically by July this year, Ghana will be migrating from analogue TV transmission to digital and therefore advised that ‘’we should not wait for foreigners to come and take over this area as well.’’

He said that was the reason why Groupe Nduom was investing in First Digital TV to pave the way for other indigenous Ghanaian businesses to be conscious of the fact that they could also be successful in areas that are often left for foreigners.

He charged governments to consider seriously the constitutional provision that states that there should be free, compulsory universal basic education for all Ghanaian children stated his preference for this to be extended from kindergarten to Senior High School because in his opinion, ‘’education is critical to the development of the nation.’’

The business magnate warned against the twin evils of corruption and tribalism ‘that are killing our country and needed to be taken seriously.”

He reiterated his call for the election of Municipal Metropolitan Districts Chief Executives (MMDCEs) and the separation of the Attorney General’s Department from that of the Ministry of Justice and believed once all of these were done, ‘’then we can begin to experience the kind of developments we have been craving for as a country.”

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