NDC will collapse if Rev Martey is made Energy Minister- Pratt

If President John Mahama heeds to calls for Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey, to be made Energy Minister, his party will collapse very fast.

This is the view of Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr.

He said he totally disagrees with the call adding that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) will fall if a person like Rev Martey is made minister.

Speaking on Radio Gold’s news analysis programme ‘Alhaji and Alhjai’, Mr Pratt said “I have many people calling on the President to make Rev Martey his Minister of Energy because he claims he can solve the problem in three months, I totally disagree.”

“In fact if the government wants to fall, it should employ people like Rev Martey as ministers and it will collapse very very quickly. A Minister who can insult like Rev Martey is not a plus to the government”, he added.

Prof Martey, who is also Chairman of the Christian Council while delivering a sermon and commenting on the worsening energy crisis in the country, at Grace Presbyterian Church Akyem Old Tafo in the Eastern region last weekend asked the president to solve the problem immediately.

He said “fix the ‘dumsor’ now now now.’ Listen, Ghana is not a big country to fix this problem. In four months you can solve it; at most in six months…If I were in charge, within three months I will solve the problem…Look at the loans we are taking; this is a crisis, why can’t we use the loans to fix it? Then you tell us you will fix it, when?” Prof Martey quizzed.

But Mr Pratt said the Moderator is most inappropriate person the president can nominate to head a ministry of such nature.

He noted that the Rev Minister’s “level of depravity and the poverty of his analysis clearly shows that he cannot be a minister. And I am pleading with the president to never make someone like Martey as minister”.

The energy crisis in his view is a complicated matter and that anyone who claims publicly that he can solve the problem then it means they have “no clue what the issues are”.

“So if you employ somebody like Rev Martey as your energy minister, then we will be in ‘dumsor dumsor’ perhaps forever because he has no clue what the problem is. He is just playing to the gallery and the energy resources of the country should not be left in the hands of those who will play to the gallery”.

Rev Martey not a man of God?

Rt Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church and Chairman of the Christian Council

Mr Pratt noted that not only is he disappointed with Rev Martey’s comments but is utterly shocked that a man like him is referred to as a “man of God”.

“I am sure that some people in this country actually believe that people like Rev Martey are men of God and that they speak for God, how they come to that conclusion I don’t know . But I will be very surprised if God will use the kind of intemperate language that Rev Martey uses.”

He believes that anybody who has respect for God and think that He [God] is all knowing and is merciful and gracious cannot attribute His qualities to Rev Martey.

“How can you ascribe the qualities of God Almighty to Rev Martey, there is no grace in what he says and the wisdom attributed to God is not present in what he says, so there is a huge problem about making somebody like Rev Martey the replica of God on earth.”

 Mr Pratt said unless people want to destroy the image of God and reduce His qualities, under no circumstance should Rev Moderator be equated to anything about God.

He also noted people who are genuinely described as men and women of God were those He revealed himself to and used them as instruments for achieving his will on earth not “people who went to institutions to study theology the same way that people go to institutions to study biology, chemistry and physics.”

Some people according to him, have become pastors not by virtue of their spiritual and moral commitment but by virtue of academic pursuit and that is not enough to transform ordinary mortals into spokespersons of God, he added.

These people, he indicated are only in “the cassock simply because it is a uniform of their employment in these days of rising unemployment there is opportunity in the church to get a job which will give you a regular pay and people are flocking into the churches” looking for employment.

These people in his view are not men of God but instruments of extortion, profiteering and self-aggrandisement and no one should make a mistake of believing that they are men or women of God.

They are people of themselves who believe that the exploitation of the flock will give them comfort which otherwise they will not be privileged to get, he added.

  Story by Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | faustine.akwa@myjoyonline.com

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