NDC Executives Tell President: Change The Nominee MCE For New Juabeng

The coordinating committee members of the ruling NDC in the New Juabeng Municipality has issued a press release, petitioning the President, H.E John Dramani Mahama and the Ministry of Local Government that, the nominee as MCE for the municipality is a wrong choice.

According to the New Juabeng North Constituency chairman, Koduro Owusu Boahene and the New Juabeng South Constituency chairman, Mr. Andrews Awuku and other members, endorsing the candidature of Dr. Owusu Acheampong will underscore the fact that, the party structures are totally disregarded by the rejection of their choice and recommendation.

To them, that is fatal if left unchecked. Since this will lower morale, and at the end contribute immensely to erode the gains that they have suffered to achieve so far.

Also, the executives wonder if or whether the constituencies should only be regarded as a piece of working tool, which should not be recognized and respect its views and recommendations.

To them the Constituency executives are fed up with the machinations of this handful of greedy regional executives. They also want to place on record that, the current nominee, Dr.Owusu Acheampong has no good qualities to be the Municipal Chief Executive.

They have appealed to the local government minister to investigate how Mr. Ransford Owusu Boakye who excelled at the national vetting held at the Institute of Local Government studies in Accra on August 31st 2013, and was also recommended by the national vetting committee was changed to Dr. Kwaku Owusu Acheampong who allegedly performed poorly and failed miserably.

To the concerned party executives in the New Juabeng North and South, they smelt a rat from the foregoing, which can lead to the destruction of the party in the municipality.


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NDC Executives Tell President: Change The Nominee MCE For New Juabeng

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