NDC Demands Solution From Bawumia

Acting Ashanti regional NDC Secretary, Raymond Tandoh has challenged Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to contribute solutions to the country’s economic challenges instead of criticizing government.

Raymond Tandoh believes Dr. Bawumia is part of the country’s economic problem and hence is unhappy with the high ground taken by Dr. Bawumia in criticizing the Mahama-led government on its handling of the economy during the NPP’s post-verdict thank you tour.

Raymond Tandoh says many of the country’s economic challenges began during Dr. Bawumia’s tenure as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank.
“Dr. Bawumia and the NPP left office when inflation was 18% but the NDC brought it down to 8.2% in 27 months. How then can he say the NDC has mismanaged the economy when in 2007 under his watch as Deputy Governor in charge of monetary policy at the Bank of Ghana, the cedi slumped significantly against the dollar from 92 Pesewas a dollar to GHC1.20 a dollar?”

The NDC Regional Secretary believes one of the contributory factors to Ghana’s economic hardship is the fact that the government has been trying to right the wrongs of the NPP government.

He also attributes the current economic difficulty to capital flight during the election and post-election litigation periods as well as overruns in the wage bill and power problems which he believes affected industry significantly.

Mr. Tandoh believes the difficult decisions taken by government to widen and increase taxes whiles removing fuel subsidies are short term measures that will help put the economy on a more solid footing.
He says Ghanaians should trust and bear with the government as it works in their best interest.


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NDC Demands Solution From Bawumia

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