National Security Runs For Cover

The case involving the National Security Coordinator and Ezzy Paints Manufacturing Ghana Limited, yesterday took a dramatic turn when the former requested for two more weeks to open the factory for business.

The court was due to hear a motion for contempt of court initiated against the National Security Coordinator over its failure to comply with an order of the court asking it to open the factory it had closed since September 26, 2013.

The court, presided over by Justice Anthony K. Yeboah, had in an earlier ruling given the national security a-48 hour ultimatum to “open up the factory and allow the plaintiffs unqualified access to the factory without any further interference from the national security.”

Though the representatives of the national security were not in court for the trial yesterday, Clearance Kuwornu, the Chief State Attorney, prayed the court to give the security agency two more weeks to open the Ezzy Paints factory.

He disclosed that the national security did not intend to contest the matter in court, adding that the factory was not locked up by the current national security coordinator but by his predecessor.

The counsel for the plaintiff, while insisting that the national security should have been present in court, said all they wanted was the opening of the factory to make his client start work.

The trial judge was emphatic that the national security as an agency enforcing the law of the country, should have led by example.

Justice Yeboah stated that the national security should have appealed against his ruling on the matter or complied with the order.

On the contempt motion, he could not hear the case because of wrong procedures.

He accordingly asked that the docket be sent to the registrar of the court for the right thing to be done.

Earlier, counsel for the plaintiffs, Kenneth Kudjordjie, in an affidavit in support of the contempt motion, indicated that the national security coordinator had ignored the order and in open display of insubordination and flagrant disrespect for the court, had refused to open the factory; and had by its agents, assigns and operatives, caused a structure to be erected on the compound of the factory.

It further stated that the national security coordinator by his action, was calling the bluff of the court and had shown contumacious disrespect of the court and by inference disrespect of the whole justice system of the republic

BY Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

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