National Equity Forum against combative nature of parliament

Accra, June 17, GNA – The Forum for National Equity, a civil society organisation, has called on members of parliament not to view their work as a combative range of ideologies as the house serves as a platform for national ideals.

Mr Prince Bagnaba-Mba, President of the organisation told Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra on Tuesday that the hostile nature the political parties attend to national issues is reflected in the sitting arrangement of members into ‘Majority side and Minority side. It is a ring for the fight for the fittest and not a sound democratic will of the people’.

Mr Bagnaba-Mba suggested that the need for the sitting arrangement of members to be based in the alphabetical order of constituencies and not on the numerological strength of a political party or parties in the house.

‘It is high time we think outside the box because we inherited the Westminster system. There should be stronger bonding of members in parliament and since the interests of the people is supreme it should supersede all other interests.’

Mr Bagnaba-Mba noted that national issues should be discussed dispassionately without ethnic or other factional interests, adding: ‘For democracy to grow we need to repeal the old system of political segregation.’

He said democracy is very expensive venture and the nation is investing heavily in it.

‘If you have a very expensive venture the outcome should show good results.’


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