Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings Is A Fitting Match For US First lady

Ghanaian Journalist Lauds Michelle Obama’s Dance Moves And Says It Replicates Statesmanship

Just 3 days ago we witnessed the first lady of US, Michelle Obama display her dance moves side by side on stage with American comedienne, television host, actress and writer, Ellen Degeneres.

The first lady’s showmanship made headlines on blog sites, newspapers, radios and televisions across the globe due to the enthusiasm and inner skill she brought out of her.

One Ghanaian journalist who has spoken on this matter happens to be Manuel King of Pink FM.

The interviewer and writer has hailed Michelle Obama for displaying a great act of statesmanship and inner skill and he believes it won’t end there.

“From her gestures, you can tell she’s lively. She won’t stop just there. I’m sure she’ll mount other platforms and surprise us all. she’s fantastic and I’ll say she cruised everyone with a total package of entertainment and simplicity” – explained King.

One statement which baffled the minds of many was when Manuel King threw up a contest and provided a fitting contender to it.

He asked if there is any African or Ghanaian first lady who possess a similar physique to Michelle Obama’s and can compete with her when they’ve got their dancing shoes on or display similar stage crafts.

King was quick to say former first lady and wife of ex-president Jerry John Rawlings is the perfect match and advised politics be taken out of this.

“let’s not brand this as politics but let’s look at the hilarious or entertaining side of it. Imagine Michelle Obama and Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings show their dancing moves on an international platform – so entertaining isn’t it”

King who made a vox pop seeking the views of the public explained he had some of his interviewees probed him of who could fit in in the absence of the former first lady.

“Some of my interviewees were point blank and said apart from ex-president Rawlings’ wife, there’s no other better contender. if we should cast our eyes to Africa, some of our first ladies need some workouts on their physique to look smarter”

Do you think there should be a platform for Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and Michelle Obama to show off their dancing prowess?

Story: Manuel King [pink FM]

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