Nana Ahomka Petitions Mahama Over Land Guard Attacks Pick Awards @ AMVCA 2016

Nana Ahomka, Ankobeah of Gomoa-Fete in the Central Region, has petitioned President John Dramani Mahama over what he calls brutal attacks on him and other natives of the Gomoa-Fete, by land guards.

He said those who suffered these attacks are usually royals who were opposed to the illegal reign of one of the chiefs in the area. The petitioner noted that as a result, some of the indigenes had become slaves in their own hometown while others have been compelled to seek refuge elsewhere.

In a statement headed: “Freedom and justice are in disarray, Gomoa-Fete in Shambles, as lawlessness and land guards rule with glee and impunity,” Nana Ahomka wants the President to address the prevailing issues in the town which do not inure to the benefit of the people.

In the petition, he indicated that “I deem this piece a necessity, first to probe the Gomoa-Fete issue, especially the brutalities and land guards’ attacks. He added that most of the people were subjected to severe beatings and killings while others had their buildings destroyed.

Sale of lands by land-guards and other criminal activities which threaten the security, safety and peace of all who stay or come from Gomoa-Fete were also cited.  The petition also made mention of a particular land guard who threatened Nana Ahomka not to step foot in Gomoa-Fete.

According to Nana Ahomka, the said land guard warned that if he disobeyed that order, he would kill him like “they did to my late brother Nana Kwame Okyere Mpantu, the Abusuapanin of the ruling Twidan Royal family of the late Nana Abore-Ewisie; who was brutally killed by land guards on February 27, 2014.”

However, “when I dared these land guards and visited Fete, I was brutally attacked, in the course of which I collapsed and gained consciousness at the Swedru Hospital,” the petition stated, adding that “other victims who have suffered attacks and brutalities in the hands of these land guards who are the ruling class at Fete now are tired of reporting the criminal activities to the Police at Bereku Awutu, Kasoa and the Police Headquarters.

According to him, the people of Gomoa-Fete could no longer sit back and allow the illegal activities to go on since they had had enough of the injustices.  It is the hope of the Ankobeah of Gomoa-Fete that the ruling government acts with dispatch to put the situation under control.

“My confidence in your administration to promote Freedom and Justice as enshrined in the constitution and embossed on the National Coat of Arms is absolute and trust you shall attach your usual zeal, military precision to expedite action to save the daring situation.

Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, and the peace the prerequisite for development and progress cannot be sacrificed for chaos and violence in our country, especially in this election year,” he said.

By Pascal Kafu Abotsi

([email protected])

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