Nakpanduri chief rallies for peace in the north

The paramount chief of Nakpanduri has sent a passionate appeal to all chiefs in the Northern region to join hands in working towards finding a solution to the many chieftaincy conflicts in the area.

Naba David Kan-sok says it is time for the chiefs to sit together and discuss how these conflicts have negatively affected development in the Northern region and how to prevent it.

The Nakpanduri Chief is afraid the gap between the north and the south will continue to widen if immediate steps are not taken to restore peace in the region.

The northern parts of Ghana have been a hotbed of violence mainly because of chieftaincy and ethnic rivalry.

The Abudu, Andani, the Mamprusis, Kusasis conflicts have claimed several lives and destroyed properties.

Naba David Kan-sok says it is time to let peace prevail.

“Peace is a viable asset you cannot quantify in monetary terms. If you want to try to know the cost of peace then you try war and you will know how much peace has to offer us.

“So i want to tell Ghanaians, especially we the northerners to know that if we want to bridge the gap of development with the south we need to ensure there is peace in our back yard and in the whole of the north so that investors can confidently come over to develop this land of ours.

“Every northern chief and those in the south, I am pleading with everybody that if we want to develop this country of ours we need to ensure there is peace and in peace we develop,” he said.

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