My songs reflect creativity, not exactly how I feel Singer Floxy

As singer Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu aka Floxy is chasing her dreams to be a top singer in Nigeria and beyond, she would also learn to face the hitches that come with it, which includes side talks and lashes by fans.

Floxy who marked opened the year with a cover of Beyoncé’s Sweet Dreams which she sang with pigeon English in a lullaby tempo said she has no choice but speak out after recent comments on her latest singer which was premiered on radio stations before the internet.

The song which is titled ‘Bad man thing’, to a fast and slow reggae tempo and she was singing like a girl suffering from heartbreak.

It would be recalled that after 2014 Valentine, Floxy released a single titled ‘Much Pain’ which according to her was dedicated to ladies whose heart were broken during the festival of love and here she is again with a song with similar message after 2015 Valentine.

“I am not heartbroken” she said, when the question was directly thrown to her, and she went on to say that a lot of comments have come up because of the song.

“First it was the title ‘Bad Man thing’ which would usually confuse people to think it was going to be one erotic song. I sat down with my management to discuss it and we believe that title is perfect for the song.

“On the main issues, I receive messages via Facebook, Twitter and BBM, and all people ask me is if heartbreak inspired the lyrics and I told them no. A girl wrote and said ‘if heartbreak can bring out ones creativity, I’d love to be heartbroken all my life’. That was really funny”

American pop star Taylor Swift was once a victim of this when fans accused her of singing about nothing but her relationships, but the fact still remains that she produced good songs and is now a big star.

“I love to know what people think about my songs, even though we don’t go with all of them, I still love to read all of them because only extreme feelings can make someone tell you what they think about you. Be it love or hate” she said.

Floxy’s ‘Bad man thing’ which would be her second single for the year will be dropping on 10th of March, just eight days after the birthday of her elder brother, KozyG and the release of his single ‘End of the Matter’ on March 2, 2015. The song was produced by legendary Somik.

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