My Manhood Made A Girl Collapse-Blakk Rasta   

Blakk Rasta , reggae musician and host of Taxi Driver programme on Hitz FM, has said a virgin girl once saw his manhood and collapsed.

The controversial reggae icon, who also released a new Ebola song, decided to give his show some explicit notch on Wednesday when he openly spoke about his sexual preference and sexual escapades with women from parts of the country.

He said he disliked virgins because the last one he had an encounter with collapsed after seeing ‘his thing’, which he described as ‘rough and tough.’

Blakk further said he dislikes Cantonment ladies because they behave like virgins.

‘…I don’t like those from Cantonment. My God, the moment you take off your shoes, she starts to sweat; you take off your trousers, she starts to sweat again and when you pull down your pants, my God, and them start see the ‘buffalo foot’ then them start cry as if they are virgins. That’s why I don’t like virgins. The last virgin I had, my God, when I pull down my pant she collapsed. She said what a thing! It is rough and tough,’   Blakk said on his programme yesterday.

Earlier on the show, he said ladies from Krobo, Tema and Osu are sweet and he loves them.

‘A lady called me and she said ‘I wanted to meet you’. I proudly got into my car and that day I ate a lot of food to be able to get my energy. And I also did remember to go along with my ‘root wine,’ originally from Jamaica.  Me drink it and me feel ready. I did go to meet this pretty pretty lady. Without wasting time, she asked me, ‘where will you take me go?’ And I asked, ‘where do you want me to take you to?’  She said, ‘don’t worry I have a place.’  

She takes me straight up to her room. Without wasting time, she starts to… (Laughing) Oh my God, one hour gone and she was still doing it. Two hours gone and she was still doing it. My God, ‘buffalo foot’ man me bad but she is ‘badder’ than me. Big ups my Krobo ladies. Tema girls I love you, Osu girls I love you. Those I don’t like are those ones.’

It was not the first time Blakk spoke about sex on his show.

Early this year, he said on his show that he preferred prostitution to armed robbery. ‘I prefer prostitution to armed robbery, if I have to choose between the two,’ he stated.

By Francis Addo 
Twitter: @fdee50 Email: [email protected]

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