Must See Trailer: Sexy Boy In America

Nigerian Hollywood based Director/Producer Pascal Atuma is at it again, this time with an African comedy film titled “Sexy Boy In America” , a Pan African film that features people from various African countries including a lead from South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria etc

He said “We produce for different markets, having just finished 2 films for the USA/Canada & Western mainstream markets “The Trace & LAPD African Cops”, we felt it was necessary to go back to the roots and produce for the African market too to satisfy our fans, so that’s what lead to the production of “Sexy Boy In America” “Our last productions for the African market was Okoto the Messenger & The Mechanic- Who is the Man , it is time to feed our African fans with another good comedy joint ”.

Synopsis – A comedy joint about the Exotic African with a charming confidence in America. He goes by the name “SEXY BOY” from South Sudan, and believes he is the sexiest guy alive. He likes the best of everything and will not let anything stop him. It is SexyBoy versus America , tension plus expectation plus conflict plus love, all together to create the perfect comedy . Let us see who will come out victorious or who will get hurt, SEXY BOY or AMERICA?

The film stars Pagor “The Sexy Boy” Akot from South Sudan as the male lead, Ava Rejouis, Bless Brown Vera, SOJ, Josephine Miller , Pascal Atuma and bunch of other good African actors. It will be released Summer 2015.

A production of “The Atumah Brothers International Company (TABIC)’, fully supported by Golden Icons.

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