Mum flees flat after ‘GHOST’ photobombs her in spooky selfie

A young mum was spooked when undertakers mistakenly turned up at her door to collect a dead body – but that was nothing compared to what she saw when she took a selfie.

Natasha Boden, 26, took a mobile phone snap to see how her newly dyed blonde hair looked and saw a chilling green face grinning back at her by her right shoulder – looking like the evil wizard Voldemort from Harry Porter.

The ‘ghost’ photobomb reduced the mum-of-one from Blackpool, Lancashire, to tears and she has now vowed to move out of her two-bedroom home as she is certain it is haunted.

She checked into a hotel that night and is now looking for a new flat for daughter Dolly, 2, and boyfriend Mark Donohue.

She said six weeks before the photo was taken a group of funeral directors had arrived at the door to collect a dead body – however, it later turned out they were at the wrong flat.

She told the Mail: “My boyfriend is moving everything out of the flat. I can’t go back there. I’m absolutely petrified.

“I’ve never believed in ghosts or anything like that. If someone else had taken the photograph, I would think it was a load of rubbish but the face is so clear.

“We had only lived in the flat for six months and I really loved living there. I am gutted, but there’s no way I can stay there after what I’ve seen.

“When I first moved in, I noticed the floorboards would creak when nobody was there, but I thought it was just because it’s an old building. Now I am having second thoughts.”

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