Multimedia building nearly razed by fire

But for the vigilance of the staff of multimedia, one of the buildings of the Multimedia Group Ltd at Kokomlemle would have been reduced to ashes.

Part of the Blue Building, as it popularly called, and which serves as the offices of the marketing staff of the Multimedia Group caught fire Saturday evening.

The fire was said to have been triggered by some air conditioners  behind the building but was quickly put out by staff who relied on fire extinguishers.

Nothing substantial, except a little couch got burnt.

Personnel from the Fire Service came to the scene of the fire minutes after the incident had been announced on Joy FM.

Two fire tenders had come to put out the fire but realized the fire had been put out.

That notwithstanding, personnel of the Service were led to the exact spot of the fire incident to have a professional assessment and to decipher what was the exact cause of the incident.

They have begun investigation into the cause of the fire.

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