Mr. Prez Restore Akuse Back To Us…Akuse Chief Holds Prez Mahama To Task

The Chief of Akuse-Amedeka, Nene Edralor Dokutse Peteye Ankrah IV has call on President Mahama’s not renege on his promise to restore back Akuse to Akuse-Amedeka Osudoku settlement.

The Chief said the anomalous political administration of Akuse-Amedeka into the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality Assembly has generated a lot of feud and disorganized system hindering several developments on the land.

He added that the wrongful placement under the Lower Manya Krobo does not make Akuse part of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area because they are two separate clan.

According to Nene Edralor Dokutse Peteye Ankrah IV, the wrongful placement of Akuse under the Lower Manya Krobo has brought about the incidence of self-style chiefs who are claiming to be the overlords of Akuse land.

He pointed out that two self-styled chiefs, Nene Teye Titriku I and one Nene Asar-De Ahor are all claiming the ownership of the land as the Chief of Akuse.

“I, Nene Edralor Dokutse Peteye Ankrah IV is the current legitimate chief of Akuse-Amedeka and has been validly been nominated and enstooled as the Chief of Akuse in accordance with the Chieftaincy Act, 2008 [ACT 759],” he stated.

He indicated that government, the Osudoku state, Dangme state, Manya Krobo state and more particularly, the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly, knowing very well that Akuse shall be reverted back to the Dokutse Peteye Family of Akuse-Amedeka, have deliberately denied them of all development and social infustracture in the Osudoku settlement.

The Chief added that all statutory funds of the Municipality including the Assemblies Common Fund, MPs Common Fund, IGF which part were supposed to be used as funding for developmental projects in Akuse were skewed towards the Manyo Krobo’s.

He claimed that Krobos and the Osudokus are separate tribes, explaining that the Osudokus first settled on the land during the colonial era before the Krobos [Yilo Krobo and Manya Krobo] came and were given the mountains by the first chief of Akuse-Amedeka, Nene Dokutse Peteye Ankrah I as their place for settlement.

He added that the Manya Krobo used their marriage relationship with the Osudoku woman Atta Abla [great grand Aunt], colonial relationship and early acceptance of Christianity which made them pals to suppress the families of the Osudoku woman so they could take over Akuse-Amedeka lands but failed.

The Chief noted that the battle has been going on in order to reclaim Akuse back but the Krobos have build a stun resistance so they could continue to enjoy all the inheritance, royalties and benefits that were due them simply because they were wrongly placed under the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality.

He posited that the Dokutse Peteye family through their respective chiefs and families since the colonial era leased and sold lands within Akuse to all government projects, the Kpone Hydroelectric project [VRA], Akuse-Asutsuare sugar project in the 1960s, the KIP and the Oceansey family.

However, as a result of the legal tussle between the opponents, royalties that were supposed to be collected by the chief of Akuse as a source of revenue for development are piled and locked up somewhere because both are claiming legitimacy over the Akuse land.

Nene Edralor Dokutse Peteye Ankrah IV and the elders also recounted their frustrations by the Akuse Police and the Odumase Circuit Court which they ended up being locked up in the police cell.

According to him, the conduct of the Akuse District Police Commander and his Honour, Francis Y. Gbeddy, Esq. the Presiding Judge of the Odumase Circuit Court must be investigated and reprimanded for condoning with some “fraudulent and selfish interest” group of individuals plunging the Akuse into chaos.

He call on government, the VRA, KIP, the Police, the Osudoku state, Manya Krobo state, and the people of Akuse-Amedeka to join hands to rebuild Akuse-Amedeka , alleviate poverty and the hardships in order to restore the declining image of the town.

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