MPs to vote electronically in new multi-million cedi chamber

Members of Parliament will today, Tuesday November 4, 2014 hold convene at a reconfigured chamber enhanced with information technology applications when they resume from their recess.

The IT infrastructure is expected to limit paper work in Parliament and also afford members the opportunity to vote electronically on national issues.

Although the IT infrastructure have been deployed, MPs are yet to be trained on its use.

Director at the African Parliamentary Centre, Rasheed Draman, has warned usage of the new system without adequate training could impact negatively on the work of Parliament.

“We know that a lot of people have a phobia for technology. It’s completely different holding a smart phone or tablet and a completely different [when MPs] have to use technology to make decision that affect all of us”, Dr Draman said.

He said if MPs are not properly oriented there could be “crisis” in Parliament during voting on important national issues.

Parliament within this sitting will consider the 2015 budget and financial statement of government and other key issues.

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