Movie Producer Appeals To Police Over Ban Of Uniforms In Movies

Ghanaian finest movie producer, Eugene Moratt of E&E Production has appealed to the Ghana Police Service to reconsider their statement concerning the use of police uniforms in making movies.

Even though Mr. Moratt who was in an interview with, sides with the police, he thinks that the decision will have a great impact on their work hence the police should make things cool for them.

“There are some of the productions who abuse the use of the police uniforms. Some dress anyhow in the uniforms and a whole lot. But I think they should have given us at least a notice. This is coming to us as a surprise. They should at least sit down with us and give us directions. Because there may be some producers who before their pronouncement might have worked already on movies which used the uniforms. They can even educate us on where and how to use the uniform. We just beg them. Else the value of the movies concerning police will be less.”

The Ghana Police Service recently issued a statement banning Ghanaian movie producers from using the police uniforms in making movies.

This according to the police, the movie producers are abusing the use of the uniforms in their movoes and that goes a way of tarnishing the image of the profession.

Eugene Moratt of E&E Production is the brain behind some favorite movies like Fulani landguard, Ghana Police, Libya akwantuo, Electricity power, just to name few.

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