More Clamour For Paul Afoko To Lead NPP

The Ashanti Youth in NPP has joined the growing clamour for Mr Paul Afoko to lead the New Patriotic Party as the National Chairman to victory in the 2016 elections.

This latest call comes days after the its National Chairman, Mr. Jake Obetesebi Lamptey was accused by a leading member of the Party for embezzling funds allotted to campaign in the 2012 polls.

A statement signed by the Conveyer of the group, Bright Barwua insisted that Paul Afoko “must come to give the NPP direction as well restore the fortunes of the party”.

“We, the young men and women of NPP in Ashanti, after extensive consultation with our colleagues in all the rest nine regions, have come to realise that with Paul Afoko as chairman of NPP, power beckons and becomes a possibility. As stakeholders and shareholders of our great party, our conscience and love for victory 2016 compel us to voice and vote for Paul Afoko”.

The statement noted that there were agitations by the grassroots and ordinary non-partisan Ghanaians in the Ashanti region calling on Paul Afoko to contest the Chairman slot.

“The statement stated that, the unquestionable commitment of Paul Afoko is still locked up in the trusted memory of all in NPP, it makes him a true red-white-blue son of the mighthy elephant. Since 1992, this successful businessman, Paul Afoko, has lived his whole life in service to NPP.

Whether rain or shine, day or night, Afoko maintains an unshaking faithfulness and makes silent sacrifices in funds, ideas and logistics which has seen our party through the darkest of hours. We sincerely believe that, voting Afoko as chairman of NPP come March 2014 is a reward for commitment and a reasurance of motivation for this and future generations”.

The group indicated that the NPP has been faced with a perception that our party is an Akan one. Whether this perception is fair or false, we, as a party, must gather courage to confront and conquer it consciously.

The group therefore urged all delegates to vote for because of his competence that Paul Afoko makes him an unbeatable giant in the race for chairmanship of NPP.

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