RE: Reports in popular Ghanaian websites headlining Precious Hannah under caption: “Most Ghanaian Gospel artists are noise makers – Precious Hannah”

As Publicist of the US based Ghanaian gospel musician, I will like to inform the general print and electronic media that my client never quoted or implied to any journalist/reporter on the record that gospel musicians in Ghana are noise makers. It is therefore sad to notice a lot of media outlets publishing stories to that effect.

My client has made countless attempts to contact some of these media portals in defense of the truth and to clear the above misrepresentation but none seem to grant her request to have the story removed or even contact her back for her side.

As her Publicist, Hannah wishes that I convey to you the fact that the article, which is easily searchable via Google under the text Most Ghanaian Gospel artists are noise makers – Precious Hannah will clearly show all those who carried it online and out of decency, she prefers not to mention anyone but asks that an online search be done to reveal the publishers. She is presently very disappointed because not only has this story made her look bad, but feel bad as well and says here in her own words:

Start quote—“My fellow Ghanaians, I want to respond to this article to explain my point of view which has been muffled with ideas and words I did not use. This article REALLY twisted my opinion about Gospel music in Ghana. I did not say what they have written in the article and had no intentions to condemn anyone. The interviewer used my words in a different way to make this article more controversial to get readers to want to read or comment on it. It is rather unfortunate that such a thing could happen. What I had originally said was that, as Ghanaian Gospel Musicians, we should really make good use of our God given talents in music to touch lives and not just for the fun of it. I see it as a ministry in serving our maker and reaching out to the broken hearted and the less privileged ones, so let’s do it wholeheartedly. This means, more meaning should be put into song compositions and renditions so that they will touch lives positively.”—end quote.

My client is well respected among her friends and family both in Ghana and the USA and her over 7k friends on Facebook can attest to this. We do not want any dislike to come her way and will wish those who published the story in contention also publish this or at least remove it because we appreciate the fact that artistes need press and vice versa. Thank you for your consideration.

On behalf of the Precious Hannah Ministry Team,
Oral Ofori

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