Mishief Shall Ressurect this Easter

“Our aim is to send a clear message and draw people to the realization that deceit never thrives for a long term”, said Jones Abban, Director of Parables Productions and animation studio as I sat in his colorful office to chat about his new project. It’s easy for one to begin to feel at home at the “Parables Dream Studio”, each piece of paper and stroke of paints on the wall told a story; different stories. Mr. Jones Abban has been doing animation since the better part of 2006 and has been a flag bearer in portraying Ghana to the world, through the painstaking process of animation.

We sat down amongst various characters he had created to discuss “Ananse and the Grave Mischief”. Before the discussion, I inquired of him how it felt to be a demiurge, “Fulfilling, being able to conceive all of this; making your imagination to become someones entertainment, its a feeling that goes beyond holding fresh mints of the Cedi” the pharmacist turned cartoonist stated.

His new project is preceded by two already successful animation films , one of which is Ghana’s first animation feature film. Mr. Jones Abban, however has high hopes for the new production which he described as “A short definition of the Ghanaian society” as he continues to draw 25 frames of cartoons to give a second of animation. The project is wittily titled “Ananse and The Grave Mistake” and it tells a story of deceit, lies and retribution, that is worth watching over and over again.

“With this project we picked a traditional folklore story and spiced it with elements of the modern Ghanaian society, to tell a tale that the world would want to hear” said Mr. Jones. He hinted a few celebrity appearances and a few surprises before the project is launched on the 6th of April.

Rounding up our conversation, the man who was describe as “The future of Ghanaian storytelling” in an issue of the Influential Business Week Africa, stated that his new project will “redefine the African Animation industry, by God’s grace”

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