Minister Laments Over Invasion Of Self-Proclaimed Prophets

The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare, has lamented bitterly over the invasion of self-proclaimed prophets in the country, especially on our airwaves.

According to her, even though the country needs intercessors to pray for its peace and stability, the number of self-proclaimed prophets on our airwaves, and the kind of prophecies they give, were worrying.  The Minister’s concern comes in the wake of some of the self-proclaimed prophets making inflammatory statements, some of which have generated heated arguments in the country.

Ghana, often referred to as a Christian nation, can now boast of over 1,000 different churches, many of which are charismatic and prophetic.  The Minister was addressing members of the Aglow International, Ghana, at the opening session of a seminar under the theme; “Watchmen on the Wall” on Monday in Accra.

The Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Minister, who represented the President at the seminar, commended Aglow for interceding on behalf of the country, as well as instilling good morals and values in society for the past 20 years.

Mrs. Ofosu-Adjare urged Aglow International, Ghana, to replicate Nehemiah in the Bible, who prayed and built the Jerusalem wall; stating: “God has a mission for us, and wants us to unite, pray, do His work, and desire to build the walls of our country.”

She urged the Aglow members to continue to be the watchman for the nation. “If we wake up to a peaceful country, we don’t have to take things for granted; we know Aglow International is praying.”

The seminar, which coincided with the birthday of Dr. Mrs. Dorothy Danso, President of Aglow International, Ghana, was attended by participants from across the country, as well as delegates from the United States.

Explaining the theme and citing an example from the Bible, she said: “There were specific people that were chosen to lead in the performance of this assignment, and these people were called ‘the watchmen,’ who were chosen to make sure that the walls are protected and established, as mentioned in Ezekiel 33.”

According to her, the seminar also marked the Women Aglow Ministry’s 50th anniversary. She added that the seminar hoped to bring together men and women who have made the commitment to learn, pray and speak with an understanding of issues arising in the Middle East to be advocates for Israel.

“I strongly believe with all my heart that as these intercessors are raised for this great assignment; the sound of the trumpet would change and bring reawakening as God delivers us from the sword, famine, plagues, economic hardships and every form of destruction mentioned in Zechariah,” she said. Sandra Lee Wezowicz, Aglow International, Israel Education Director, called on the members to pray for Israel and the Jewish people.

By Bernice Bessey

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