Mexico Marks Anniversary

Mrs. Maria de Los Angeles Arriola with President John Dramani Mahama when she presented her letters of credence to him

The government of Mexico has re-opened its mission in Ghana as part of efforts to strengthen the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The opening of the mission in Ghana is the first in Africa after 30 years of closure.

Maria de Los Angeles Arriola,  Mexican Ambassador to Ghana who presented her letters of credence to the president last month, announced this at the first official reception to commemorate Mexico’s 205 independence anniversary in Ghana.

She pointed out that the two countries have long standing diplomatic ties which have led to the establishment of the diplomatic mission in the country.

She said Mexico has grown into one of the internationally stable economies in the world and a reliable partner to do business for mutual benefits.

According to the Mexican envoy, in view of the Mexican government’s strategy to make the country a responsible global actor through law reforms in labour, telecommunications and energy, it has decided to take a step further to expand the country’s presence across the world.

 Mrs de Los Angeles Arriola intimated that Africa is one continent that the Mexican government sees as a potential development partner adding ‘Ghana has been chosen to be the first in Africa to re-open its mission which was made possible by the Pacific Alliance countries and the general facility provided by Columbia.

‘Ghana represents to Mexico not only an important political friend but also a potential major economic partner in West Africa,’ she said.

She was hopeful Ghana will replicate the gesture by opening a mission in Mexico.

Nana Oye Lithur, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, leader of the government delegation, said the occasion was auspicious as it opens an important chapter in the two countries bilateral relations for their mutual benefit.

She said the two countries can do a lot together at both the multilateral and bilateral levels as well as in trade which is currently very low.

‘I call on the business opportunities in order to increase the level of trade and economic activity which in the long term will among other things, translate into employment opportunities,’ she emphasised.

The occasion was also used to award the honorary consul of Mexico to Ghana, Subhi Accad with the award of Aquila Azteca by the Government of Mexico for his contribution towards maintaining the cordial relations between the two countries.

Mexico’s Independence 
In the night between 15 and 16 September, 1810, precisely 205 years ago in the small town of Dolores, the state of Guanajuato, a Roman Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo, rang the bells of its church to call the people of the surrounding to start a rebellion movement against the Spanish Crown.

That precise movement has officially marked the beginning of the Mexican Independence War which ended in 1821.

Since 1825, in all the towns around Mexico and all over the world where Mexico has an official representation, this special event is always re-enacted.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri

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