Men more likely to be corrupt-Ghana Integrity Initiative

Executive Director of anti-corruption agency Ghana Integrity Initiative, Vitus Azeem, says men are more likely to succumb to corruption than their female counterparts.

According to a joint report carried out by GII and Transparency International titled “Women and Corruption” to commemorate International Women’ Day, a little more than 60% of the respondents say in their experience of corruption, their gender made a difference.

Mr. Azeem tells JOY News male respondents agreed to the question which asked whether or not they are vulnerable to corruption.

He dispelled the notion that sexual favours are not instances of corruption, saying that “if for example I want a job or I’m due for promotion and a man in charge demands to have sex with me before giving me the job or the promotion that is corruption.”

He insisted that the sexual favour was for personal gain and gratification and that the person in question was abusing his/her position.

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