Meet The King Of Street Promo: DEE J DADABA

There is a new wonder kid in town and he seems to have a magic wand in promoting new songs to get national attention within a short time. His name is Dee J Dadaba, an Accra-based young disk jockey.

The young man has found a creative way of making newly released songs gain popularity on the streets, in the night clubs, pubs and entertainment centres even when main media outlets do not play the songs.

“The power is on the streets because that is where the loyal fans are. Once the street accepts your song, radio would play it and then people would know you.

“But if you want to focus on only radio, it is very expensive and not as reliable as the streets. We actually adopt a grassroots strategy of sending the music to the consumer directly wherever they are. It is a lot of hard work but we achieve impressive results and we are happy,” Dadaba told NEWS-ONE.

The young man has assembled a network of street and club DJs across the country and has grouped them region by region.  They decide on which new songs to promote at a particular time and then start playing the songs consistently at every single event they get an opportunity to handle the turntables.

“We also actually move round a lot because there are many places where music is played but they do not have DJs. What we do is to go to such places and actually give them the CDs individually. It is a lot of hard work because just on one street alone, you can imagine the number of beer bars and chop bars.

“But the results are encouraging because what happens is that everywhere you pass, you hear the song being played. You move to any night club and you hear the song being played, you attend any function where there is a DJ and you hear the song being played. It is a network and we work as a team to push the song. And mind you, the radio DJs listen to the streets and when they realise the streets have accepted your song, they play for you on radio,” Dadaba explained.

Aside being a disk jockey, Dadaba manages the Basement Entertainment Studio at Osu.

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