Meet Bola Ray: A Ghanaian Media Mogul By Sir Article

Profiling Bola Ray now in this article is long overdue because of the calibre of man I’m about to eulogise. The media fraternity in Ghana has been awashed with unprofessional journalists, but one fine gentleman in the person of Bola Ray has always made a difference. Born Nathan Kwabena Adisi, Bola Ray has ascended the hierarchy of our media arena with his entrepreneurial dynamism. For we all know he started off as the host of Joy FM’s Drive Time Show in the early 2000s. Oh how can I forget the days when I was always glued to my TV set every Saturday evening; enjoying TV3′s Music Music Show hosted by the ever-exuberant Bola Ray?

But the Bola Ray of yesterday has eventually become a force to be reckoned with even in our entertainment circles and not our media alone! “Mr Influential” as I choose to call him has defied the odds and blazed the trail in the arts within some few years. In all this, we sometimes overlook the fact that he is a living testimony of the smart pursuit of passion.

Also, he is certainly a beacon of hope to the young people of Ghana and Africa at large since he has achieved virtually everything at the age of 38 (hyperbole intended). Again, his iconic personality expressed in innovation, vision and hardwork has enabled him to soar above the competition he finds himself in. My friends, Mr. Adisi being the CEO of EIB Network which establishes and acquires radio stations deserves overwhelming commendation since he exudes the can-do spirit. And how can I forget how Bola Ray’s Empire Entertainment which has organised “Ghana Meets Naija” since 2010 till date?


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