Maternal Health Channel Shares Touching Story Of Diana


Diana was featured in the first series of MHC as the young lady who performed 7 unsafe abortions. She nearly died in the process but she braved all the odds and appeared on TV to tell her story. She captivated the whole nation but received a backlash too.

Today, MHC is proud to announce that Diana has given birth to beautiful twins – a boy and a girl. This is actually her second set of twins. Her first set of twins is also a boy and a girl!

“Twins are blessings from God” she tells us. “ When I go out, everybody hears my story. I’m so happy, everybody is happy for me and I will keep thanking God.”

As in the past, Diana is more than willing to share her experiences, especially with young people. “If you are not ready for pregnancy, don’t worry yourself, because it is not easy to go through unwanted pregnancy for 9 months. I have learnt a lot and received great support and counseling from Marie Stopes International. ‘They helped me a lot during her pregnancy. Not many young people know the real options when it comes to pregnancies. I was able to turn from unsafe abortion which is ending the lives of so many young women to safe delivery!

What a happy ending. Join MHC wish Diana the best for the future.

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Diana With Her Twin Babies

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