Mahama Is Committed To Fighting Corruption—Rawlings

Former President Rawlings’ office has denied claims that he has intentionally not been critical of the Mahama administration as far as corruption is concerned.

Mr. Rawlings has on several occasions leveled corruption allegations on Ex President Kufour and his government during their eight years in office.

At a recent speech in the Volta region, ex President Rawlings described his successor John Kufuor as an “autocratic thief”.

“When people get up, they wanna create the impression to you the young ones as if the corruption started with this man, the young man, john Mahama, no, it started with Kufuor and that’s why I said Kufuor was an autocratic thief” Mr. Rawlings said.

Mr. Rawlings has however been less scathing in his criticisms of President Mahama on issues relating to corruption in the NDC administration.

Spokesperson Kofi Adams in an interview on XYZ Breakfast Show Monday morning said President Mahama’s commitment to fighting corruption is what has caused Mr. Rawlings not to blast him in the media as he did in the case of previous Presidents.

“I don’t know what you mean by not being critical…so far I believe that he has done tremendously well; personally – maybe it is this performance and his actions that has kind of motivated the former President not be very critical of him the way you feel he would have with previous heads”.

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