Live Update Day 2: Forum on voters register: EC makes presentation

A forum to debate the arguments for and against the compilation of a new voters’ register for the 2016 general elections is currently underway in Accra.

Presentation by Akua Donkor of GFP
A short presentation ends with her position that there is no need for new register.

Presentation by National Reform Party….Dr David Percy

Dr. David Percy is one person who thinks the NRP is not dead. He says the party is an active participant at IPAC, a forum where politcal parties meet to resolve issues.

He says the party is proud of electoral system because it is robust and has all mechanisms in place to address whatever issues whether real or imagined.

He wants political parties to focus on selling their programmes and policies instead of pushing the EC to make changes to electoral register.

He explains that a party that puts up incompetent leaders will not put in the effort needed to win elections.

“We insist its time we took our collective heads out of the sand….we have to deal with the elephant in the room…its business of political parties to work….to prepare platforms that will attract citizenry…and if they will not do any of these they have no right to threaten our peace….”

Electoral Commission is making its presentation
Charlotte Osei is tracing the history of electoral reforms from 1992 when there were no photos on electoral I.D. In 1996, there were pictures of voters on ID cards but still people complained about impersonation, minors etc. Even in 2012 despite biometric registration exercise there are still compliants. However a significant complaint which is multiple registration was eliminated.

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