Literary Discourse: Galore: Grammar and Syntax

Adjectives are agents of beauty and clarity in speaking and writing. When used properly, they explain and embellish constructions. However, positioning of adjectives in relation to the words they qualify is a critical consideration in usage. This is because not all adjectives can be positioned anywhere in sentences and other forms of construction. One of these adjectives is “galore.” What is the meaning of “galore?” Where is its proper position in usage? Answers to these questions constitute the Learning Outcomes of today’s edition of Literary Discourse.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this discourse, fellow learners and readers should be able to maximize their understanding of:

  • The adjective “galore” and its proper position in usage.

It is largely common knowledge that the word “galore” is an adjective. But it is seemingly uncommon knowledge that the adjective should always be postpositive in usage. This implies that “galore” in all contexts must be positioned after the noun it modifies or describes. Examples:

  • Confusion galore NOT galore confusion.
  • Food galore NOT galore food.
  • Forgery galore NOT galore forgery.
  • Corruption galore NOT galore corruption.

Galore simply means “in abundance.” To maximize our understanding, we need to see the adjective in illustrative sentences:

  • It was a scene of confusion GALORE when some soldiers terrorized the residents of Zakpalsi yesterday.
  • There was food GALORE at the party organized by Timtooni last night.
  • The Kuluulu University College (KUC) has become a place of forgery GALORE.
  • A section of Ghana’s Judiciary is currently in a state of CORRUPTION galore.

Colleague learner, knowledge of the meaning and Lexical Category of “galore” is not enough to guarantee its proper usage. Yes! The adjective is more likely to be misapplied if its syntactic (positioning) convention is ignored. We must, therefore, be mindful of the convention. This way, we may avoid write-ups or speeches of errors galore. Hahahahaa!

By Abubakar Mohammed Marzuq Azindoo, Acting Registrar, Hudaibiya College, Accra

Email: [email protected] Tel: 0244755402

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