Let’s re-dedicate ourselves to selfless honesty, hardwork- Abi Adatsi


Ghana’s deputy High Commissioner to Canada Abi Adatsi says Ghanaians need to re-dedicate themselves to the core principles on which the country’s forbearers founded the country. She said it is the hope of every Ghanaian to see the nation progress and develop.

“To translate these expectations into reality we all have to re-dedicate ourselves to the patriotic values of selfless honesty, hardwork, discipline and sacrifice for the common good” Adatsi said in Ottawa Canada, at a dinner to mark Ghana’s 59th independence day celebration.

She said Ghana’s belief in its capabilities to manage its own affairs for the good of the citizens motivated the struggle for independence.

Adatsi said many years after attaining independence, Ghanaians need to pause and ponder about what they can do to help the nation achieve its development goals.

“Today, as we celebrate, 59 years of independence, we are at a watershed, where those that are over 50 years old, have to ask some tough questions about the dreams we had for our beloved Ghana,” she said.

“Those that are young, need to envision and work towards the hopes and aspirations for the next fifty years.”

Adatsi reaffirmed the Ghana High Commission’s belief in Ghanaians living in Canada that they can help in the development process back home regardless of the distance.

She said Ghanaians in Canada are strategically positioned to contribute to the socio economic transformation the nation requires given their professional expertise and experiences.

Adatsi said the body of knowledge and experience they have gained “in multi-faceted socio-economic matters could accelerate the national development transformation of Ghana if they are plowed into the national development agenda.”

She commended executives of the Ghana Association of Ottawa for helping to strengthen the relationship between the Ghanaian community in Ottawa and the high commission.

Vice president of the association Dr. Dina Boadi said the association’s new leadership has lined up initiatives and programs to help the Ghanaian community in Ottawa.

“One of our main programs is the reintroduction of the scholarship scheme to needy but brilliant Ghanaian students in the community,’’ Boadi said.

The scholarship scheme used to be the flagship program of the association but was abandoned. The new executives have reintroduced this to support Ghanaian students in Ottawa. She urged Ghanaian students to take advantage of the offer and apply for the scholarship.

She encouraged Ghanaian businesses in Ottawa to take advantage of the Diaspora section of the high commission and do business back home.

Boadi said series of meetings and workshops have been lined up in the year to help businesses get the best from the office.

Awards were given to Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians who have helped champion the cause of Ghana over the years in Ottawa. Among the recipients were Kathy Armstrong, a Canadian who has established a dance group in Ottawa that specializes solely in Ghanaian dances.

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