Let’s elect our Veeps – Movement

Accra, Feb. 21, GNA – Dr. Nii Amu Darko, the Founder and Leader of the African Reform Movement (ARM), a new political group in Ghana, has called for the adoption of best governance practices to deepen democracy.

He said it was improper for a Vice Presidential Candidate to be solely selected by the Presidential Candidate because it was not in line with best governance practices, where their election was preferred.

‘Under our present Constitutional regime, the Presidential candidate selects his or her running-mate, this is a copy and paste situation from the United States of America with no cultural or historical link to Ghana,’ he observed.

Dr. Darko, who was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, stated: ‘I just want to say it is not best practice for a potential President to be selected by one person.’

The Founder of the ARM said in the past few months, President John Mahama had to contend with all sorts of lobbyist groups because he needed to announce his running-mate.

‘In canvassing for their respective candidates, these groups really pounded the Veep into near stupor,’ stated.

‘Now, that he has been selected, I wonder where his confidence level is and the relationship between him and those who ‘violently’ badmouthed him would be like.’

Dr Darko stated: ‘The present system is hopeless. The second highest paid pubic officer may be grounded and made redundant by the first gentleman; we need value for our money, but that is not what we are getting now.’

He said some people were ‘screaming’ for the President to give more assignments to the Vice President, but he (Dr Darko) was against their position because one person should not be given that discretionary power.

‘We need a split – an Executive President (Head of State) and Prime Minister (Head of Government and Deputy Head of State) with constitutionally mandated duties for both leaders so that in any case of disagreement, the Head of State’s rule would stand,’ he suggested.

He, therefore, recommended the adoption of the South African Governance System blended with the Ghanaian Chieftaincy with Cultural practices, whereby the deputies of chiefs were not appointed by the chiefs.

Dr. Darko said the South African System was presidential in form, but sort of parliamentary in practice.

‘Both the President and the Deputy are voted for at the National Delegates Conference, the President does not appoint the Deputy,’ he explained.

‘As for ARM we will combine Ghanaian chieftaincy practices, South African Governance System and the Moses-Aaron (Exodus 4:10-16) to elect a Head of State; and a Deputy who will be a Prime Minister , and make the Head of Government to be accountable to the people who are their electors.’


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