Lets Develop A Culture Of Living Within Our Means Dr. Nii Amu Darko

Australian based Ghanaian physician and founder of the African Reform Movement, Dr. Nii Amu Darko who in recent times has raised concerns about the role Ghana’s 1992 constitution has ultimately played in the creation of the nation’s present socio-economic challenges has said, the more heterogeneous we get, the more unstable we will become as a nation. Equity begets balance and balance, stability.

Speaking to the nation in what he calls the ‘Ghana Montie’ weekly broadcast, the outspoken leader of the reform movement who was speaking on the topic, bridging the gap, made known his position on the many gaps we have as a nation and made proposals on how those gaps can be bridged. He further spoke about how we can also bridge Ghana’s developmental gap with the advanced world.

On how to bridge our internal gaps, Dr. Darko said that stability in all areas of our national life can only be possible when there is homogeneity or evenness. Heterogeneity or unevenness, our present reality he further stressed, is a recipe for national instability. In what is very characteristic of the charismatic leader of ARM, he did not fall short of calling for the building of a fair state for all which has been the cardinal objective of ARM. He promised to shed more light on the creation of the Fair State soon.

In addressing how we can bridge the development gap between Ghana and the rest of the advanced world, Dr. Darko called for prudent utilization of national resources. He cited how Australia which is 40 times richer than Ghana in terms of GDP can have 30 ministers of state compared to Ghana’s 80 ministers. He believes that we can never bridge the gap between Ghana and the rest of the advanced world if we don’t develop a culture of living within our means.

Dr. Darko has been calling for a new constitutional direction as the way of addressing our socio-economic challenges. He believes our unitary system with over concentration of political power in the center is major source of our problems and has proposed a new federal constitutional order to address the challenges we currently face and also help build a Ghana which is fair for all.