Let Religious Harmony Reign

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s call for the continuation of the peaceful co-existence between members of the two great faiths of the world could not have been made at a better time.

Not long ago, unscrupulous persons, in their crazy obsession with prosecuting their political agenda, sought to reverse this age-old status quo in a country where Muslims and Christians have lived harmoniously.

That was not the first time that such devious persons had sought to throw a spanner in the works, a previous one having failed to achieve their wish of witnessing and clapping members of the faiths at each other’s throats.

Countries which have witnessed such religious disharmony are still unable to normalise the situation and would have wished they never went through that path.

It was good Dr Bawumia reminded his audience at the University of Development Studies (UDS) about the importance of religious harmony, an important impetus for development. We can hardly contain a religious disharmony and anybody who seeks to draw the country towards that path must be stopped by all means at our disposal.

It is mindboggling that in spite of the monotheism of God – a creed which binds members of the two faiths even as they worship the Omnipotent and Omniscient in different forms – some persons out of parochial demands seek to create dangerous schisms in the country. They will fail and we will triumph.

The similarity in the beliefs of both Muslims and Christians makes the project of sowing seeds of discord between them one driven by political mischief. God has a way of dealing with such characters for whom the end justifies the means, no matter what that would cost.

We therefore find Dr Bawumia’s efforts in researching the subject he was given for the Ghana Muslim Students’ Association engagement not only in-depth, but one which primes students and others with the necessary knowledge to parry the lies peddled by those intent on seeing Christians and Muslims on a collision course.

We should not take the peace we are enjoying in the country for granted: countries can degenerate from good to bad and so we should not be complacent as to relax and just allow unscrupulous persons to stoke religious fire in the country and flee when the inferno is too much to contain.

It is our take that all must take time to learn about the other faith to which we do not belong. There are many who do not understand the faiths they profess to belong. Such persons and those who know next to nothing about the other religion are vulnerable and would easily fall prey to the disharmony peddlers.

We are happy to note that Ghanaians would hardly fall for this nonsense.

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